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Ok, my little surfing stop in westport, I've made the drive further down the west cost to a place called Greymouth. I've been here just over a day. I've been taking advantage of the lovely walks. I did a 3 hour return walk. It's about 6kms, and you pass through some really pretty scenery, and an old gold mine!

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An awesome drive to westport from nelson! Really pretty!

The town itself is quite small and quiet, but seems nice enough. I'm only passing through really. There's a beach a few kms down the road that do surf board hire. It's meant to be a real good spot for surfing. It's been a while but thought i'd give it a go.

Well i was not disappointed! I can't say i spent to much time on the board! but think i'll give it a couple of days and see if i improve!?!?

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After the 3 hour drive to Nelson, i decide to stay at a place called haven house. A lady called a Helen showed me to my room, which is great. I have a front room, so i can see the lovely fountain out front in the park across the street. The room it's self is really nice too. My room has a fridge and a electric kettle. The bed is great.

I resist the urge to sleep, and head out to Nelson proper, which is a few blocks away. I note the location of the Warehouse, which i will visit later. I load up on maps and brochures. Helen
told me the Founders Park was a short walk away from downtown, so i head out that way, marveling at the beautiful front gardens the houses have. It's like suburban London meets Phoenix, as the flowers are somewhat tropical.

This is a flat walk, but longer than i thought.
I come to the entrance of the Park, where i can see Lord Rutherford's childhood home, a cottage which has been moved here to become.....a fudge and candy shop! There is a bakery, where i buy some gingerbread people, and the organic brewery where i ate lunch as planned.

The Da Vinci machines exhibit at the Provincial Museum, which is defo worth checking out. Also dinner at Saltwater, which has been recommended by the guys at HH. It is on Waverly Quay. I had the local Nelson scallops seared with lemon risotto, and the Neudorf reisling, which was very good, too. Service is slow
in NZ - what's the rush, anyway? Enjoy your meals, don't race through them......

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Buying my campervan at the Backpackers Car Market, Auckland.

Getting on the road in my new camper van.

Well, turns out i was worried about nothing!!

I went down to the Backpackers Car Market, where i was greeted by the staff, who couldn't have been more helpful!
Once i'd found my dream backpacker van i booked it in for a mechanical inspection. It needed a couple of things doing to it, but was ready by the end of the next day. It took 10 minutes to get my backpacker car insurance and change of ownership done!

The Backpackers Car Market seemed to be a popular place. There were quite a few people there, buying, and selling there cars and vans. I'd defiantly recommend it to anyone wanting to buy a backpacker car or camper van.
They told me me there's another Backpackers Car Market in Christchurch. So that might work well when i come to sell.

After i'd Sorted all that. I spent another week in Auckland. I know I said i wanted to get out of the City, but I met some really cool guys at the hostel. And the area I'm staying in is really fun! Figure i wont get to see another City like Auckland in a while, so might as well make the most of it! Been up the sky tower, it's an amazing view!! And a awesome all you can eat buffet. I highly recommend it, if like me can eat your own body weight to get your moneys worth!! lol..

I traveled from Auckland down to Wellington a journey of about 650 kilometers. What a monster of a journey! but you hardly notice the time and distance passing through all that beautiful scenery.

One i arrived in Wellington i stopped over night, ready for an early start to get the ferry to Picton on the South Island. What a crossing it was. It took about 3 hours, the crossing of the Cook Strait is very short but you then enter the Marlborough sound. So beautiful!!

Calm waters with high hills and mountains rising steeply from them. A truly wonderful sight.

From Picton i traveled to Nelson for 3 nights.
My first day in Nelson was spent exploring the local area and getting a few bits and pieces, food etc.
Once id got the shopping out the way shopping i headed up a hill at the southern end of the city to see some amazing panoramic views of Nelson and the surrounding coastal areas. A trip to the marina for a walk around and now i'm looking forward to cooking up a roast before bedding down.

That's it for now folks!

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Auckland, on the hunt for a campervan!!!

That wasn't the best flight in the world! lol.. In fact the bus journey to chili was better! lol.. but i'm here now, safe and sound! Had a day or so to get over it. I'm staying in quite a nice little hostel call Ponsonby backpacker, in Ponsonby. Ponsonby's a really nice suburb of Auckland. It's really close to the city center, and it got loads of really nice bars and shops.
I'm really not feeling like been in a city, at the mo, especially as i'm in a county known for it surroundings. So apart from a brief look round the city, i've been on the internet looking for the best way to get a backpacker car or van? There's a market on over the weekend, but i haven't heard the best things about it. Besides, i really want to get gone as soon as possible. The other place that keeps cropping up is the backpackers car market, Which is meant to be open every day. I had a friend from back home who bought and sold a van there a couple of years ago and said it's by far the easiest way to go. Plus the hostel guys recommended it.
I''m surprisingly nervous, as i have no idea about cars or vans! lol.. but here goes!
Catch ya later.

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