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Road trip to Santiago

The bus journey was not to bad, well not as bad as i thought anyway! lol..
I went from the bus depo retiro in B/A. With a company called TAC.
Quite good value for money. $33 and you get a meal. The seat lean back quite a way to, so manged to get some sleep on the 12 hour journey. Travel in the night, and you save on a hotel room! lol..

I arrived in Mendoza at about 8am the next day, and booked into a hotel. Can't quite remember the name of it now?.. and spent the rest of the day exploring the city. Which is beautiful! For about $6-7 the hotel arranged a tour of the city.

Left the next day at about 8, up over the Andes and back down. Amazing views! Arrived in Santiago about 4.

Since i've been here, i've just taken in the sights by walking round the city. I've seen a few thing to see and do. One of them been a sting of used cloths shops called Bandera... I know.. come traveling to shop!!! but i'm a girl! it's instinctive! lol. Well worth a look though!

I've also been to a place called villa grimaldi. Grim is right. Get a tour of it if you come here. In brief. It's where the government used to torture people. It a memorial for the people who had there human rights violated by government at the time

If you like fish? You should defo go for a walk round the fish market, and stop at one of the restaurants! mmmm.. Sooo good! lol..

I embarrassed my self at a salsa night with a couple of girl from the hostel.. but i want go into that!! lol...

There's lots to see and do here.
Need to be getting my self to New Zealand now though!! I'll be sad to leave! but need to go before i run out of money! So untill then!

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Time to move on!

As much as i love it here! I suppose i should really see some more of south America, before i go over to New Zealand.

Think i'm going to go to Chile. Although the though of the of the long bus journey dose not fill me with joy!! If anyone reading know of a better way of getting there. Please let me know.

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buenos aires

The museum was so good! I would defo recommend it. Although it took up the whole of my day! There's so much to take in!

I haven't been up to much else just taking in the sites. I went to the oldest cafe in the city. Cafe tortoni. It was was only by chance i was passing, so thought i would.

Av de mayo! Sooo amazing! If you like your architecture you have to visit this area! Go there and walk toward Congreso. You be disappointed!!

That's it for now.

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buenos aires

There's seems to be so much to see and do here. It's a real struggle to keep this blog up!
So far i've been to ( this might sound weird!) a graveyard. It a really famous here. It's where all the presidents and Eve, and many actors and singers are buried. Apparently the locals will save all there lives to get there loved ones in there. De la Recoleta. I recommend it! it's an amazing place to wonder round of an afternoon.

The Plaza Mayo is worth a look as well! It a Cathedral, although it's not what you'd think it to look like.
Inside it has the remain of general Jose de san regarded as the father of the nation.

Toady i'm going to the MNBA Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. It a museum. So will probably spend most of the day there. It's worth walking anywhere you can just to take all the wonderful buildings!

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buenos aires

1st day

Ok, i've just got into Buenos Aires. and i think i love it already!!! I'm a big fan of Europe, and this place reminds me a lot of it! Saying that, i've only seen it through the taxi window on the way to the hostel. Which is very nice by the way! Milhouse hostel.

All i've done so far is get some bits and bobs for dinner. Pretty knackered, and want to make the most of this place, as i've been looking forward to coming here for sometime! So think i'm going to have an early night, and start my adventures tomorrow! So until then.

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